Monday, February 20, 2012

On A Wing And A Prayer

Christina and Will
As i speak my dearest niece Christina waits nervously in a Sydney Hospital for the word  of when she will be transfered to another Hospital, possiably interstate as there are no neonatal intensive care beds available, she is 30 weeks pregnant and must deliever very soon, her condition and that of the baby is delicate and dangerous to say the least. So we are hoping and praying our precious girl and her wee one will be fine very soon. Christina is a wonderful girl who has had some brave battles but never complains and is always there for others and i love her dearly for that, she once sat with me while i was on life support and kept me strong and is a wonderful niece, daughter, sister and cousin, friend, grandaughter, sorry i could go on and on, she is that great. Hoping her wait is over soon and all will be good for her and Will and their little one, Love you Precious Chrissy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wednesday's Wisdom

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home, But The Foolish Woman Tears It Down With Her Own Hands.
                                                                                                                                     Proverbs 14:1

When i came across this recently, it really stood out and made me think just how much power us woman have in society and how much of the societies woes are a result of what we do or don't do ( Bad men prosper because good men stand by and do nothing ). We have the choice and the power no matter how limited our lives maybe to influence and guide and help create the kind of world and home we would like to live in.

The Wise Woman loves her life and is grateful and protective, She values herself and does all in her power to protect ,provide and guide those who depend upon her. The wise woman also sets an example of what is appropriate behaviour and encourages self respect and hard work,and enjoys the rewards as do her family.
The Wise Woman is not perfect, she is thoughtful of her own faults and limitations, but tries her best to admit when wrong and learn from it ,setting an example of self responisability and self respect, whilst remaining humble. She is prudent in all the needs of herself and her family, therfore having time for others.

The world seems to be full of a lot of foolish woman this days , i for one have been guilty of a great deal of foolishness, so easy in this modern world full of distractions and temptations.

So does that mean if we are living in the ruins of our ignorance and foolishness , that there is no hope! NO!!

We can start again, like all good builders,The Wise Woman has strong foundations,she know her strengths and weakness, what she stands for or believes in, she challenges herself to try more and to to learn more to the best of her abilities. So its never to late to start again, to learn more about ourselves and our family, a great way to start is to take even just 10 minutes aday and a cuppa and write down in a journal what is good in our lives and what needs to change,start small , but start rebuilding your life foundations and then you will able to build your home as the strong, safe and comforting refuge for yourself and family. This isn't about bricks and mortor or money , it's about self love,loyalty and respect for our selves and those we hold dear.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another first day!

Monday was the girls first day of year one and the first time they would spend most of their days apart! They were fortunate enough to attend a school that allows twins to be together for kindergarten, but they seperate them after that, we had some tears but they both settled in well once they met their teachers and met up with their friends. They were happy they had some close friends from last year with them, just can't get over how fast this past year has gone. Olivia is on the left and Angelica is on the right.
2011 First day of Kindergarten Aged 5years
1st Day of year one 30th january 2012