Sunday, March 11, 2012



Be prepared or build and ark!

Well life sure can throw some curve balls, and believe me i've had a few, but these past two weeks have taught me a valuble lesson  about procrastanation and prepardness. I live in a semi arid part of Australia that has long hot/dry summers and very cold winters and that is when we mostly get rain when we get it,droughts kind of regular round here!But these past sixteen months we have been getting lots of rain and much milder summers and FLOODS!!! You see i should know better,but like most people i think i have just one more day ,but i don't , no one does, we only have here and now. This is the third time i've been flash flooded in the afore mention timeframe and this time i also so roof damage and a pond in my kitchen,no fun unless your a duck.

But even worse i was not prepard as well as i could 've been, i talk the talk on prepardness but never quiet get to the walk! I had not enough or strong enough tarps for my roof or enough buckets and no emergency sand bags in the garage ( the ones i've been meaning to make up for the past 6 months) ,and no where near enough food. Yes our town got blocked off and we had a mini Zombie apocolyps, there were even people fighting over the last bottles of milk and scant supplies of fuel and fresh produce. So time to pull my socks up and be ready for what hopefully does not happen, better to be safe than sorry! Here are some photos of the floods from our local newspaper The Area News,Griffith. Now i was lucky and can't complain, and i'm not, asfar too many have lost everything they own, we are so fotunate to have had such a great band of volunteers in the State Emergency Services, they have done a fantastic job for the community!