Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Day, Crochet and a Cool Change

Olivia and Angelica's First Day at school 2011

Off to Class

Granny Squares Galore
This week my little ones started school, they were very brave and went off happy with no tears, i was worried as we didn't do pre-school and the three of us have spent almost no time apart, like three peas in a pod, They have a lovely teacher and are eager for tomorrow. I' very proud of them as although Griffith is very hot (high 30s-mid 40sC) in February we also had very high humidity, due to an unusually wet summer and it doesn't cool down much of an evening, they took it all in their stride and didn't complain about walking to and from school (with me) or having to play outside in the hot  playground. So the week went well and to top it off, we got a very nice and unusual cold change last night which meant we could all wind down and catch up on some work and play in comfort. I did some crochet and the girls rode their bikes, and to top it off we have three more cool nights to look forward to Yippee!!! No air con= No noise!!  And of course no hot nights,just sweet sleep.