Saturday, January 29, 2011

Only Two More Sleeps

Only two more sleeps and my babies start school, the years have gone too fast, it only seems like yesterday i was wondering what i was going to do with my life, i'd just finished a Tafe course,and had moved down to Batemans Bay after eleven years in Bowral, two of my older kids had left home and  there was just my husband, our then fourteen year old son and me, a new town a new life i was not that happy at the time and really started to wonder what the hell was to become of me. But life throws us curve balls when we least expect and for me that was my twins, can you believe it there i am 41 years old , getting sick all day, couldn't stand the dog, boy he smelled bad, poor thing was scrubbed and purged within an inch of his life, evrything i loved to eat tasted like crap, but do you think i could figure out what was wrong!!   Well i found out i was expecting at eleven and half weeks and within the hour of seeing the doctor i also found out i was having twins, my girls Olivia and Angelica, and the rest is another story. But here are some photos of our journey so far.
Angelica and Olivia, aged 4months

5 1/2 months

Little Ballerinas 5months

Their second Birthday

Aged three with big sister Jess

Cheeky Misses 4years old

Garden faireys aged 5 years

Christmas 2010 , 5 years old

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crochet a rainbow of love

Go over to Sarah Londons Blog, She has put together crochet a rainbow, to make up beautiful crochet blankets to help Queensland flood survivor's("they are too brave to be victims") rebuild their lives,Just crochet granny squares in 5 rounds measuring 4 1/2 inches or close enough , in new wool or wool /acrylic mix.I have added a link to Sarahs blog, where you can get all the info, .

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A stitch in time( making quilts for the Queensland flood victims)

 qld quilt button
This was a week of great suffering, bravery and humanity in Queensland, i really don't think i could find the words to express in this post, so i like so many ask, What can i do to help? We all have different gifts and skills, some of us who are close by can volunteer  with the clean up, we can donate money , or if we stitch we can pull our ever growing fabric stashes out and do something useful with them. The very lovely Corrie Sebire of Retromummy has come up with a great way to help and comfort Flood victims by asking all crafting ladies and men if they could make up some Lap Quilts or Quilt blocks to be made up into quilts for babies,children and adults, quilt squares should measure 12 inches when quilt is assembled so unfinished blocks should measure 121/2 inches, fabrics must be 100% cotton or cotton/linen blend, any design,go to for more information and ideas on design and where to send your finished pieces . This is something even a beginner could  do, so open those sewing cupboards and start stitching.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What really matters

Well this is going to be one of those deep and thoughful posts, you know no photos, just words. I've been pondering the past few days about "What really matters" in my life and have come to some pretty tough conclusions, like am i the sort of Mother or Daughter i would like to be, could i be a better wife, am i the sort of person I'd like to have as a friend., the list goes on, am i really as busy as i make out or am i avoiding important parts of my life and those around me.
  Well the past few days had been unusually quiet and peaceful and yesterday morning i felt blissfully happy, it was a wonderful feeling something I'm not use to and i'd like to feel more often , don't get me wrong i don't have a horrible life, but like a lot of folk these days i don't live a conscience existence, we rush around doing a lot of stuff that isn't really important but convince ourselves it is, spend too much time on the computer, stalk each others lives on face book, but have no time to cook and eat a meal with our famliy, our phones ring to much, how many times do you use your mobile will eating dinner or heaven forbid while at the toilet,we spend to much time on EBay and far too little time being quiet and still with ourselves, Oh the list goes on of my sins to my poor battered soul. Anyway back to the HAPPY feeling i felt yesterday, i use to feel that way most of the time when i was younger(not just as a child) and after much thought it dawned on me that when i was younger i put more thought into" What really mattered" to me and my family, i lived in the real time moment  back then, then slowly i allowed myself to be distracted from reality, you know  you've gone to far when you tell yourself and your kids, significant other you don;t have time to do the things that are needs let alone wants.

I mean sure we all have to work and mix with other people, but we need to take time to put things and sometimes others and ourselves in our place, is being busy worth it if you have no quality of life, i don't think so.
So I'm making a list if" What really matters" to me first and my Family, the rest of the world can take it's appropriate place. Tough i know but it's how things were done when i was i was a child, before mobile phone, over scheduled children and the Internet(can should be useful in moderation), and bosses who think your a slave not an employee, people knew their place and respected others,there was a start and finish to the day and week.
I'm also going to pick my self to pieces about some personality traits i need to do  away with, being an adult does not give us the right to be rude and do what ever we jolly well please then expect our kids to be perfect when they have bad examples shoved in their faces everyday, they are watching us all the time, they are and will become the product of our bad behaviour and our anxieties.
I guess this what OPRAH calls light bulb or AH!! HA!!! moments, a chance to learn and put things right as best we can, a chance to work out WHAT REALLY MATTERS.