Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm in the news

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19 Nov, 2010 01:00 AM
THEY'RE the hottest tickets in Australia and one lucky Griffith mum has got her hands on them.

Local woman Cassandra Rowland     has become the envy of women all over Australia after scoring two precious tickets to the filming of Oprah's Australian show.

A fan of the TV talk show queen for years, Mrs Rowland had made it her lifelong ambition to see the show filmed but when Oprah announced her retirement the local mum thought her one wish would always remain a distant dream.

"When she announced her last season I thought 'that's it, I'll never be able to get to Chicago to see her now'. Even when she announced an Australian show I didn't think I'd be lucky enough to get it," Mrs Rowland said. "I actually only figured out how to apply just in time, and then my computer died every time I tried but I finally got through."

But even when she got the confirmation through that the golden ticket was hers, it took Mrs Rowland a long time to realise what she was seeing was real.

"My sister rang me on the Monday morning to say she hadn't got it and I thought I had no chance so I didn't check it until late that night but when I saw it I had to get my daughter to read it to me five times to make sure it was true," the lucky lady said. "I have never won anything before ever. I was so excited."

While some might think Oprah is just another talk show host and not understand all the fuss surrounding her upcoming trip down under, Mrs Rowland said it's the hope and belief the infamous woman inspires in her audience that keep people hanging on her every word.

"I used to watch her every day before I moved to Griffith, I never missed an episode," she said. "She's just generous and kind and she encourages everybody. No matter how despairing someone's life is she makes them see the good and helps them turn it around. 'Live your best life' as, she says."

But while Mrs Rowland is just happy to be going to see Oprah in person, she's still got her fingers crossed that the woman renowned for extravagant giveaways will be feeling extra generous during her special Australian shows.

"I'm hoping for a car," she said. "Our car's nearly dead so we would love a new one but even to see her will be great."

The trip to Sydney comes at a very convenient time for the Griffith mum as she and her sister, who will be accompanying Mrs Rowland to the Oprah show, had tickets to see the Eagles concert at the same time. This added bonus will extend her holiday in the city from one week to two.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well i love Yoyos, fabric Yoyos that is or suffolk puffs or daisy's as my mums neighbour Pam calls them, any way i love them, i love making them and creating with them and sharing the joy.I just love how small pieces of fabric left over from a sewing project can instead of being thrown out be  made into something so pretty and useable,i so hooked i don't just make them out of scraps i boldly cut fresh fabric purchase just for them.
Here are some of the Yoyo collections ive made and am still making. I also sell them on Ebay and have for just over two years, heaven knows how many i've made,proberley close to ten thousand and i make them the old way, hand drawn, cut and sewn, no gadets , whistles or toys, just the old way and my they are so pretty.
Well i meant to show more but i can only upload two photos per post for some reason, will show more next post. Bye

She's leaving

Today is one of those bittersweet days,my daughter Jessica is leaving home again for the third time, only this time not alone, this time our little grandson Sebastian is going with her, it was a little over a year that Jess came back home to have her baby, and now it's time for them to go make their own little home. I'm so happy for them, she is a great mother and has been through some difficult times the past few years and has handled it all with grace and style,i'm very  proud of her, at least this time she is only moving down the road rather than going back to Sydney,I know she would prefer it but it;s just not practical  with a little one for the moment.
Anyway i will miss the early morning tea with them but will be able to visit, i glad at last everything is settling in nicely for her, new job,new house,new friends.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well in life if you hold out long enough, some times really long enough and sometimes when you
have come pretty close to not bothering anymore and giving up, AMAZING things can happen because on friday i entered my request for tickets to Oprah Down under and this morning i got my email confirming my tickets, YES TICKETS TO OPRAH! I"M GOING TO SEE OPRAH I"M GOING TO SEE OPRAH!!!!!sorry got carried away there but hey it's not everyday OPRAH comes to Austarlia and it's not evryday I get to shine and have something remarkable happen to me except have my kids which are very remarlable to me.
WOW sorry to go on but I"M GOING TO SEE OPRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hello and Welcome to my World

 My name is Cassandra , i'm a married stay at home mother and i have 5 children ranging in ages 5 to 27 and an 8 month old grandson and a scruffy dog called Mutley. I hope you'll enjoy me sharing some of my daily doings and creativness with you.The cute little misses on my header are my twins Olivia and Angelica, ther've just turned five and are so amazing, they were one of lifes unexpected delights and i'm so grateful to have them.I'll be at a loss as to what i'll do with my days when they start school next year, so i've decieded i should make a list of things i'd like to achieve for each term just to ease my self into to this new phase,  as they are a bit worried i won't have anything to do, i just love them so, they are really smart and thoughtful for ones so young.MMmm... on a positive note i'll have a tidy loungeroom for 6 hours aday ! Bye.