Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Olivia and Angelica's halloween decorating

Mummy's Ghost House

Me little lovelies

Flying off to cause toil and trouble

The masked mudblood

peaceful witches " sure"
Devils food cake

Ready to party
I don't care about the Aussie Wowser's who down Halloween, any reason for children to have fun and use their imagination is fine by me. I'm Australian and have enjoyed Halloween fun with all my kids, this year the twins were old enough to set the theme and decorate themselves,the loungeroon has been totally spooked out for two weeks. We didn't bother trick or treating this year as most of the people in our area are unhalloweenducated (thats an Olivia word). So we enjoyed a halloween Feast with Big sister Jess and her family , The menu was Pustulent Pizza, Deviled Hotdogs(chorizo's in rolls),Wriggles and Guts (pasta bolangnase) and Dessert Halloween devil's d food cake and to many lollies. At School Angelica got to have some Halloween fun, her Teacher Mrs Jackson(who is from Canada) asked all the kids to dress casual in black,purple,red or green, Mrs Jackson gave all the students a Trick or Treat goody bag full of sweets.                            THANK YOU MRS JACKSON!!!!      So thats Halloween for 2012 over and out.
           HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Wow!! Time has certainly flown by since my last post,It's been a busy times when life throws you one crazy little thing after another, nothing life changing just time consuming. Hopefully i'll be back to a more predictable routine ( PLEASE!)as i have  lots to share. Been getting a little creative too and pulled out a few unfinished crochet and sewing projects and started on the vegetable garden too. This weekend i must finish the spring cleaning and help the twins decorate for Halloween. OOOH!!!.
Bye for now